About Graham Horwood

Graham Horwood

Graham Horwood is widely regarded as one of the original and most established Teachers of Tai Chi in the UK and having been so for over 35 years.
Graham has led an extraordinary life and fought back from adversity in his early life to become an inspiration and help people across the globe in the art of Tai Chi and Complementary Health.
He established the Taoist Group in 1976 and since then Graham established himself as one of the UK’s first and most prominent Masters of Tai Chi. He excelled following his 10 years practicing and teaching Tai Chi with Master Chu King Hung, who informed Graham that he was the first of his students to understand the internal principles of Tai Chi.
He wrote and published several books and made numerous Tai Chi instruction videos.
Graham Horwood, first started martial arts with Judo, then Wado Ryu Karate, under the auspices of Tatsui Suzuki.
In 1969 Graham studied Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan, then Hung Gar, with teacher and black belt grades (UK Martial Arts Commission registered by the Ministry of Sport).
Then in 1977 Graham began his relationship with Master Chu King Hung, third adopted son of Yang Shou Cheung. Yang Shou Cheung was the eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu (who learnt from his father Yang Chien Hou).
He also learnt Hsing I and Pa Qua with Master Chu and his teacher, Master Hon Sing Wun. He also studied and practiced herbal, complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1969.
Graham attended numerous workshops in China with Grand Master Yang Zhengdo in Beijing as well as with Wang Li Shen being a Taoist Monk and Martial Arts Grand Master at Wudang Shan where the many teachings of Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Qua Chang and Hsing I including Chi Kung methods were confirmed to Graham Horwood.
Graham taught Tai Chi Chuan in London and the Home Counties for a variety of groups for over 20 years. He was also a Jungian analyst (London & Zurich) focusing on health, the individuation process and dream analysis.
He was additionally a writer and journalist with several books published including:

Tai Chi Books

Complementary Health Books

Tai Chi Chuan Books

Description - Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life

Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life for Both East & West details how to build chi, circulate and store it. In order to understand the energetic method of Tai Chi & Chi Kung, Graham Horwood has highlighted parallels from its source, The I Ching and the archetypal principles from both Eastern & Western philosophy and medicine. The text and diagrams show the synergy between the different cultures, yet show how they are all linked. This enables the beginner or the experienced Tai Chi practitioner to improve their understanding of Tai Chi. This will strengthen both the mind and body opening the gateway to the inner person.

Plus an exclusive set of Chi Kung Exercises which will augment the building, circulation and storage of chi for the healer and martial practitioner. These are accompanied by an explanation of where chi comes from and the its application for the mind and body as well as the flow in the meridians.... Read More

Description - Key to Health

Key to Health is a comprehensive guide on maintaining good health and curing disease by incorporating the ancient Chinese wisdom of the Yin and Yang Principles into a modern western diet. In this book the author explains how to adopt this Yin Yang theme for everyday use, with everyday foods. The author has been teaching, healing and practicing these methods successfully, since 1968.

Everything is beholden to the universal law of opposites as the world is made up of ordered opposite tendencies such as hot-cold, push-pull, young-old, tall-short, rich-poor neutron-electron, inner-outer. These opposites happen at every level from the formation of a galaxy right down to the atom. A group of sages in ancient China, called Taoists, adopted this law of opposites into their philosophy, science and medicine. They discovered that their Universe was made of a life force which in its expanding phase was called ‘Yang’ and when it reached its limit it changed into a contracting force, entitled ‘Yin’.... Read More