Natural Healing

Natural Healing

Graham Horwood has helped and advised on how to heal oneself naturally, using diet, relaxation techniques with careful reflection of lifestyle and the environment.
This includes the following complaints:-
* Anaemia- Asthma & Hay Fever * Athlete’s Foot* Aches & Pains* Back & Neck Pain * Blood Pressure Disorders* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome* Cholesterol Reduction *Circulation Problems* Cellulite* Colds – Flu – Bronchitis* Cold Sores* * Cystitis *Diabetes Mellitus/Insipidus* Detoxing Naturally* Digestive Complaints (Ulcers etc.) *Heart Trouble* Hormone Imbalance* Insomnia – Depression* Immune Function *Deficiencies* Irritable Bowel Syndrome* * Menstrual Complaints* Migraine & *Headaches* Pulled Muscles & Tendon Damage* Rheumatism & Arthritis *SkinTrouble – Acne/Eczema Etc * Stress. * Syncope – Dizziness * Stress * Sterility *Infertility* Weight Control.
Graham Horwood has been practicing Complementary Medicine and teaching Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung (deep breathing techniques) since 1976, in London and the Home Counties.

Dreams Make Us Healthy

Graham Horwood, also a Jungian Analyst, has worked on the Individuation process with Jungian dream interpretation in order to give life more meaning in this chaotic world. Dreams act as an inner guide and compensation to our outer existence, although often overlooked, ignored or misunderstood, therefore losing their great wisdom which can create balance and giving back to a person their natural destiny, by improving relationships, careers and health.


Health is derived from the word whole, so when one becomes ill or ‘dis’ eased, one has lost the balance of wholeness. The reason being, that the mind and body has lost its natural equilibrium, caused by one or more of the following:- Inherited Factors – Environment – Diet- Pathogens – Trauma & Stress.In order to maintain a comfortable existence the mind and body have to be in accord.Graham Horwood has been a health consultant since 1976. He has adopted this experience to create an eclectic approach to balance health, relationships, career, sport and leisure pursuits. This is achieved by centring the person with a self help mind-body method combining both Western and Eastern insight.
Using only natural tried and tested methods such as balancing diet to each individual need, with herbal supplements if necessary, tailored exercise as well as harmonsing lifestyle.
In order to maintain the well being of both inner and outer worlds one needs empowerment to control these areas. So if knowledge is power then self knowledge is freedom. This is achieved by being able to understand what makes us tick from a wholesome standpoint which lasts.
Graham Horwood after studying and practising successfully these fields since 1976, and through Tai Chi Chuan & The Code of Life and Key to Health with Cures from West to East – A Complete Health Guide is able to advise how to balance human endeavours in order to maximise the potential of the individual.
This system can then maintain or re-align health, as well as redirecting career structure and strengthening relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues.
For example the immune system is supported by the internal energy of the body and if this energy system is disturbed it will reduce the person’s ability to fight back. This energy system is recognised and understood by competent practitioners of Complementary Medicine who can diagnose the actual cause of the imbalance, instead of just the relieving the symptoms, which will always recur unless the source is uncovered.
This is accomplished by examining the whole person, including his or her background, stress factors, environment, lifestyle, diet and so forth. Then, with tried and tested methods gained from experience handed down over the centuries, one can redress these imbalances, with natural remedies which are tailored to cure the cause of each individual’s own problem.
If a person has a complaint even though she or he may have similar symptoms, it will be triggered for differing reasons. Complementary Medicine will identify this and correct the ‘dis’ease naturally. This will have long term effects because the remedies will fortify the mind and body for the long term. And as life is not becoming any easier, it will equip the individual to be more in control by having this self knowledge. If knowledge is power, then self knowledge is freedom.
This centering action is simply achieved by modifying the diet with everyday foods, exercise and adjusting one’s lifestyle accordingly, aided by natural herbal remedies, if needed. This approach allows the body to return to its natural state without the temporary artificial ‘quick fix’ of drugs which always have unpleasant side effects and the cure never assured.
This natural ‘mind and body’ science can be effortlessly applied to improve the mental and physical stamina, enhancing personal performance at work, of any sport or physical activity, e.g. jet lag is caused when the body’s ‘energy clock’ is running out of sequence, being easily resynchronised by simple breathing exercises. Therefore, as each person is unique, he or she requires exclusive solutions, which are explained in full during each confidential consultation, giving the root cause, accompanied by the effective natural remedies to heal the disturbance.
Key to Health is a comprehensive guide on maintaining good health and curing disease by incorporating the ancient Chinese wisdom of the Yin and Yang Principles into a modern western diet. In this book the author explains how to adopt this Yin Yang theme for everyday use, with everyday foods. The author has been teaching, healing and practicing these methods successfully, since 1968.

Everything is beholden to the universal law of opposites as the world is made up of ordered opposite tendencies such as hot-cold, push-pull, young-old, tall-short, rich-poor neutron-electron, inner-outer. These opposites happen at every level from the formation of a galaxy right down to the atom. A group of sages in ancient China, called Taoists, adopted this law of opposites into their philosophy, science and medicine. They discovered that their Universe was made of a life force which in its expanding phase was called ‘Yang’ and when it reached its limit it changed into a contracting force, entitled ‘Yin’.

Chinese doctors have been applying the Yin Yang methodology in remedies and curing disease, successfully for 5,000 years.

The author with show you clearly how to harmonise the internal energy of the body with diet, herbs and exercise. This book is the original subject matter resource to learn extensively how to incorporate these Yin Yang methods into your Western life and diet.

The book also lays out an easy to follow reference guide on how to use these Yin Yang methods to help cure the following:

Anaemia, Allergies (Asthma & Hay Fever), Athlete’s Foot, Aches & Pains, Back & Neck Pain, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, High Cholesterol, Circulation Problems, Cellulite, Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Cold Sores, Cystitis, Diabetes, Mellitus/Insipidus, Detoxing Naturally, Digestive Complaints (Ulcers etc.), Heart Trouble, Hormone Imbalance, Insomnia, Depression, Immune Function Deficiencies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Menstrual Complaints, Menopause, Migraines & Headaches, Pulled Muscles & Tendon Damage, Rheumatism & Arthritis, SkinTrouble, Acne, Eczema, Stress, Syncope, Dizziness, Sterility, Infertility, Weight Control.
Very interesting read. A lot of emphasis on nutrition and Tai Chi.

We all need to eat. Why not eat something that is good for us? It is not however another great diet, but one based on thousands of years of experience.

This book focuses on a variety of conditions that could be managed by choosing the right kind of food and food preparation method. This is some 75% of the book.

Very unique approach to suggests food, Tai Chi, Massage (chinese Tui Na) and other techniques to overcome a wide variety of common ailments from Asthma to Stress.
Also he was a great Tai Chi teacher, and here he teaches some easy to follow breathing techniques.

Check out his other book: Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life to read a very interesting take on the ancient I Ching, or the book of changes.
Full of extremely valuable guidance on how to restore ones body back to a balanced and harmonious state. Importantly, the soul is factored in to the equation.
A thoroughly recommended book. Take on board the advice and you’ll live longer… and with a bit of luck, die healthy!
If you are interested in health, then you are certainly interested in diet. Graham Horwood’s article and book ‘Key To Life’ is an invaluable resource to understanding this most essential element of health