Tai Chi Chuan Staff and Spear Form

This is an introduction to the Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan Staff and Spear drills which are based on the Pa Kua and the eight Trigrams system. The tai Chi Moves of the staff and Spear are similar in nature to these 8 Tigrams and follow the pattern of the four interlocking circles sometimes known as the universal pattern and expertly demonstrated in this video.

The Tai Chi Staff and Spear Form, as like all the weapons forms of the Yang Family are based one the Taoist Five elements.
There are four weapons which give birth to principles ,which must be strictly adhered to, of the Tai Chi Form and also known as the Earth Form.
The principles of the the Ten Essentials as outlined by Master Yang Cheng Fu are:
1) The Energy at the Top of the Head Should Be Light & Sensitive
2) Sink the Chest & Raise the Back
3) Relax the Waist
4) Distinguish Full & Empty
5) Sink the Shoulders & Drop the Elbows
6) Use the Mind Not Strength
7) Unity of the Upper & Lower Body
8) The Unity of the Internal & External
9) Continuity Without Interruption
10) Seek Stillness in Movement

Whereas the Double edge sword form or the Water form is Yin and enhances kidney energy and the Broad sword form enhances the energy of the Lung and large intestine in the video however Graham Horwood clearly and expertly demonstrates the Tai Chi Staff Form which is the Wood Form which relates to the Liver and Gallbladder so the the muscles and tendons are strengthened.

Also demonstrated in this Video is the Spear Form which represents the heart and thus looking after circulation, vision and metabolism.
This videos shows the various Staff and Spear Drills using the 8 Trigram method.
The Tai Chi Staff is a the longest weapon in Tai Chi being around 8 foot long. Yang Cheng Fu stated the greater the weapon, the greater the chi. The staff enhances liver ‘chi’ therefore strengthening the muscles, tendons as well as sharpening vision. The spear as developed by the founder of Yang style, Master Yang Lu Chan, incorporates the Pa Qua – 8 Trigram method being an all for one and one for all set of techniques. Besides in- creasing chi potential it strengthens the heart, circulation, vision and the ‘spirit’.
The easy to follow video clearly shows how to link the chi through the tunes of arms, legs and body with internal energy into the sword. Naturally strengthening & balancing health, the internal organs, bone structure, immune system & aerobic function.