Tai Chi Chuan Double Edge Sword Form

The Original Tai Chi Form is known as the Hand Form or the Earth Form which gives rise to the second classical Yang Family form demonstrated in this video called the Tai Chi Chuan Double Edge Sword Form or GIM (Double Edge Sword). The Double Edge Sword or GIM represents the Chinese element of water. This is because the Chinese Water element is tied to the kidney energy where the internal energy or chi of the body is housed.
By allowing the energy to flow down the sword is a form of telekinesis. By Following this Tai Chi Sword Form correctly you will be able to feel the energy or the Chi flowing down the sword for additional effect. To enhance this effect while doing the Tai Chi Sword Form you must focus the eyes where possible on the tip of the sword.
The same stance rules apply in the Tai Chi Sword Form as in the Original Tai Chi Form and these principles are all incorporated here whereby:
The toes are slightly tucked in.

The knees are slightly turned out.

The spine is straight.

The head (or Baihui) is up.

The tongue is in the roof of the mouth.

The chest is hollow and

The deep breathing of Ying Yang and the Chan Shu Jian are incorporated.

Graham Horwood’s other videos show these principles in more detail as this Tai Chi Sword Form video focuses on the Tai Chi Sword Form.

The Sword itself has three parts, the top, the centre and the final part of the blade and in all being roughly 24 inches long. The tip of the sword was used classically in the martial state to cut and stab. The centre part of the sword was to block with the front being the stabbing side. The back of the sword was used purely and simply to parry. The sword is never used to cut or to chop but is used to deflect.

As is more relevant now in our modern time the sword form is used as a health form and you must focus the chi down the sword.

On the Yang side of the sword, where the chi is fought out, there is drawing pointing to the seven stars which is the Taoists symbol of where creation started.

On the Yin side of the sword you can see the phoenix which represents the Yin side of the Chi and also pointing to the seven stars.

All this is best summed up by Yang Chien Hou (1839-1917), whose great grandson taught Graham Horwood, and when challenged to a sword duel with another swordsman said he would not use his sword but a feather duster. This is because the skill of the sword is in the turning and using the intrinsic energy along the blade where the GIN and the Chi flow into what could be any inanimate object.

This has a two fold function where you can you can use the chi flowing down the sword intros Tao Chi Sword Form to heal from within.

The Tai Chi ‘Gim’ sword is based on the Yang family solo form, although originally having martial implications has evolved into a health system to stimulate chi transportation. These unique actions, especially stimulate ‘kidney essence’ or pre birth chi, being the ’water form’. This ‘Gim’ sword form will strengthen the joints, mental awareness, balance, improve hand eye co-ordination and short term memory loss. It is also a method of practising energy stimulation in yourself and others, making it a dynamic health tool as well.

The easy to follow video clearly shows how to link the chi through the tunes of arms, legs and body with internal energy into the sword. Naturally strengthening & balancing health, the internal organs, bone structure, immune system & aerobic function.