Tai Chi Chuan Sabre Sword Form

Graham Horwood expertly demonstrates the second Weapon Form in the style of the Yang family which is the Tai Chi Sabre Form or Dao Form. The tai Chi Chuan Sabre or Dao means to cut or chop. The sword is a long broad sword and the movements for the Dao is known as the Metal Form.

This Tai Chi Sabre form is for stimulating the energy of the lung and the large intestine. In Chinese medicine the lung opens and closes as does the bowel movement open and close. The metal actually stimulates the Lung energy.

Originally the broad sword was for the Chinese foot soldier and not a very gentlemanly weapon. In later forms a single edge sword was used and this was the father of the samurai sword but the moves are different. This Tai Chi Chuan Sabre Form was used by Chinese nobility and also for the Yang Family

In the is demonstration Graham Horwood uses the larger broad sword as it is more common and is more visual and easier to follow through on this video.

Despite the Tai Chi Chuan Sabre Sword Form being a faster form than the double edge sword or original hand form, the movements must also link to the centre. The Tai Chi Sabre Form movements must be light and smooth and when the centre turns the sword must turn even when the movements are faster, all expertly shown in this video.

In the form you have the Apex of energy which is shown at the end of the video. The Apex shows the different cuts which have 8 forms – 3 Down, 3 Up, Left and Right making the eight fold petal or Pa Kua.

This video includes 5 Broad Sword Sabre Forms. The Opening Slow Form, The Detailed Form in Sections with Yin Yang and Chan Shu Jian, The Fast Form, the Closing Yin Yang and Chan Shu Jian Slow Form, and the Slow form in more detail.

The Tai Chi Chuan Sabre form or Dao Form is based on the Yang family solo form, although originally having martial implications has evolved into a health system to stimulate chi transportation. These unique actions, especially fortify the lungs, and digestive function being in this form also known as the ’metal form’. It will strengthen the breath power, mental awareness, balance, joints, improve hand eye co-ordination and short term memory loss. It is also a method of practising energy stimulation in yourself and others, making it a dynamic health tool as well.

The easy to follow video clearly shows how to link the chi through the tunes of arms, legs and body with internal energy into the sword. Naturally strengthening & balancing health, the internal organs, bone structure, immune system & aerobic function.