Tai Chi Chuan Long Form

This Video shows the moves of the form laid out by Yang Cheng Fu with how to align the body posture, thus enhancing chi flow and improving health. This method is the starting block for the more intrinsic methods of Tai Chi including the martial and philosophical aspects.
Graham Horwood demonstrates and explains the Original Tai Chi Long Form Yang Style Family form that was taught to him by his Tai Chi Teacher Chu King Hung who remains one of the world’s leading authorities on Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.
This Video is appropriately priced with a total of 60 mins of expert instruction.
Master Chu was the third adopted son of Yang Shou Cheung whose father was Yang Cheng Fu. The father of Yang Cheng Fu was Yang Chien Hou. The Yang family devised the most popular and most integral form of Tai Chi which originated in the Chen Village. Yang Cheng Fu put together a Tai Chi form at the turn of the century which is the form he passed down to his sons and is shown here by Graham Horwood. This is known as the Original Yang Style Family Form.