Tai Chi Peking Short Form

Tai Chi Peking Short Form

The Peking Form

Open- raise & lower hands – (south) ‘tuck in tunic’ (s. east)

1) Part wild horse’s mane, 3 times (2 x n. east & 1 x s-east )
2) White crane spreads its wings (east)
3) Brush knee and twist step, 3 times (east)
4) Play guitar (east)
5) Repulse monkey, 4 times (west)
6) Grasp bird’s tail – ward off- roll back- press- push. (2 x times ( 1x east left style & 1x west right style)
7) Single whip (east) ( left style)
8) Cloud hands, 4 times (east)
9) Single whip (east) (left style)
10) High pat on the horse (east)
I1) Kick with right foot (K.1) (s. east)
12) Punch phoenix ‘s ears (s. east)
13) Turn counter clockwise (225 degrees) & kick with left heel (west)
14) Extended single whip (west) (left style)
15) Snake creeps down (west) (right style)
16) Golden cock stands on one leg (west) (left style-on left leg)
17) Extended single whip (west) (right style)
18) Snake creeps down (west ) (left style)
19) Golden cock stands on one leg (west) (right style-on right leg)
20) Fair lady weaves the shuttles 2 times (n. west & s. west)
21) Pick the needle at sea bottom (west)
22) Open the fan (west)
23) Snake puts out tongue & step forward, downward deflect parry & punch (east)
24) Close the door (east)
Cross hands ( south) & Lower hands & close.

Tai Chi Short Form Video

This Tai Chi Video Download of the Yang Style Short Form is based on the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan but is only 24 moves and only takes 5 minutes to perform.
The video includes The Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Short Form which is based move for move on the traditional Tai Chi Chuan Yang style Long Form.
This demonstration video totals 35 minutes of expert and clear to follow instruction that also includes breathing techniques along with Chi Kung, Yin Yang Breathing Form, Chi Form, The Open and Close Form and Bonus footage of The Individual 24 postures masterfully demonstrated and easy to follow.
Perfect Tai Chi Yang Style for Beginners and also ideal for Experts looking to master their form.