Wake Up Exercises


It is advisable to do reverse breathing, before to stimulate chi which is in a yin state after sleep. Then afterwards to close and centre chi at the Tan Tien, unless you are to do Chi Kung and or Tai Chi. The exercises should be done gently in an upright position and a relaxed manner

1. Tap kidney area with loose fists. Beating the Sky Drum.
2. Cover ears with palms and tap occiput with forefinger, then pull palms away from ears to create vacuum pressure in ear canal.
3. Tap top of head with loose fists.
4. Flick ears forward and back with four fingers of each hand held upright.
5. Draw index finger tip up inside of ear starting at the bottom, right around outer edge of inside of ear lobe round to ear hole, push finger into ear canal and pull out sharply to create vacuum pressure in ear canal.
6. Rub thumb knuckles over sinus area under eye with forefinger crooked over eye (phoenix eyebrow).
7. Rub crooked forefinger over sinus area over top of eye pivoting around thumb knuckle held static in sinus area below eye.
8. Massage temples with longest two fingers.
9. Draw a line with longest two fingers from just above eyebrow nearest nose to over ears massaging top sinus.
10. Same for lower sinus under eye.
11. Massage either side of top of nose just above corner of eye.
12. Massage area just above each temple (gall bladder).
13. Massage either side of top of nose just below corner of eye.
14. Massage area just below each temple (small intestine).
15. Massage tip of nose circle-wise with centre of palm.
16. Massage top lip. Draw a line with longest two fingers from top lip under cheekbones to top of ear.
17. Massage area just under bottom lip, draw line from here using longest two fingers to bottom of ear.
18. Circle longest two fingers from either corner of mouth up to below eye, round over cheekbones (grimacing), then down to lower jawbone while making ‘O’ & ‘E’ shapes with mouth to lower corner of mouth, then up around again.
19. Pinch lower jawbone with thumb over top and crooked index finger underneath and draw down from top of jawbone just under ear to chin. Rub 2nd & 3rd fingers in a horizontal fashion along top of jaw from ear to ear(upper teeth) Same other side.
20. Flick backs of fingers up throat to jaw – side, middle and other side.
21. Run hands up face and continue over crown of head down neck and along jaw line to front in a sweeping motion.
22. Exercise eyes x 8: circle right, circle left, side to side, up and down, diagonal right, diagonal left, figure of eight right, figure of eight left.
23. Bang upper and lower teeth together 32 times.
24. Rub tongue in a circle over outside top and bottom teeth sets 4 times one way and then 4 times other way, then repeat inside teeth sets.

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